A newcomer to the show, Ariel Ruben, comes on to talk about a lot of fun stuff! We start off with her unusual upbringing, to her life path, and near the end, we get into some consciousness talk.


Ariel Ruben is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation. Working for many years in the Startups scene in San Diego at SDVG/Connect, she understands what it takes to build a successful company that is both scrappy and scalable. She currently works as a Rural Venture Catalyst for Oregon RAIN where she mentors small businesses to help them scale. Previous Ariel specialized in food systems development at her family's business, Hummingbird Wholesale where she wore many hats from sales, marketing, and website development to strategy, customer service, and product creation. She also is a part-owner at the Hazel People (along with Joey from episode 92), an Oregon startup making the world's finest Hazel Nutmilk. There she leads the branding charge as Brand Strategist, bringing our innovative and playful brand to life. 


Follow and reach out to Ariel: https://www.instagram.com/ariel.ink/


This is the last episode for a while until restrictions loosen up and the studio I record at is available to use again. Hoping it's only a couple of months, but I'll keep you posted. I may occasionally upload a random episode or two I record with a friend from home, but these will be super sparse and not scheduled. I'll also put a quick 3-minute episode out when my next song comes out to let people know.


Infinite Bliss!


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