Tyler Dones is a podcaster who runs a show called Being This Person.   He comes on the show for a second time, where we recorded immediately after we ...View Details

Michael Yi is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been teaching for over a decade.    He comes on the show to speak about his practice, the sp...View Details

Jordan is a lyricist and rapper. He comes on the show to speak about recent events in his life that left him questioning and feeling as if he had anyo...View Details

Nathan Chestnut is the drummer in two bands, Smear and Animalingo. He recently got back from a two month trip to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Burma, Laos,...View Details

Joey is the CEO of Sohr Foods Inc.    He comes on the show to speak about how coronavirus has impacted 90% of his revenue as a small business, along w...View Details

It's been a while since I uploaded a casual conversation, so here's one from just before Corona hit!   Andrew Brown is starting up as a comedian and c...View Details

Jeremy Cummings in an entrepreneur and friend who comes on the show to shake things up and talk about what hee's been up to during quarantine. Lots of...View Details

89: Sleep // Andre Royal

Andre Royal is a serial entrepreneur who incorporates an intimate part of his life into his work. He's currently involved in the race to help people w...View Details

*Episodes will start coming out every Monday and Thursday, finally got things worked out!*   Thomas Hiura comes on for a fourth appearance, we talk al...View Details

 *Episodes will resume every other day starting May 1st!*   Steve Czyz recently graduated from OSU with a doctorate in nuclear engineering! He's movin...View Details

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