113: Jeremy & Cedric

My last episode was 6 months ago in July, and since then I got an extra mic and cameras.   This was my first attempt to film a podcast and switch betw...View Details

A newcomer to the show, Ariel Ruben, comes on to talk about a lot of fun stuff! We start off with her unusual upbringing, to her life path, and near t...View Details

Hector comes on the show for a second appearance! We start by talking about skincare and his facial routine, along with how he has more hair now than ...View Details

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Talks with Tyger! (and my 23rd birthday, holla) 110 episodes down in a year, feelsgoodman. Thanks for everyone t...View Details

Emily returns! In this episode, we start all over the place but end up spending most of the show talking about relationships - abusive ones, good ones...View Details

Hey folks, Andrew Brown comes on the show for a second appearance!   His whole world has been affected by coronavirus since baseball got shut down. We...View Details

107: Music // Asher Liptz

Asher is an enigmatic person. Going from music school in SoCal, to getting a psych degree from the UO, and possibly heading to Japan next; he's all ov...View Details

The titles a joke, Sean Johnson is the super down to earth owner of 7x Strategy where he gives very realistic expectations of what companies can accom...View Details

Cedric is a long lost homie who comes on the show to talk about all the fun things in life: sex, drugs, and radical political opinions.    This will b...View Details

In case it's not obvious, the title's a joke.    But you can guess from the title, this episode ends up having some combative moments, but I know some...View Details

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