Charles is a longtime family friend. We talk about his experience with Lyme disease, his love for hunting, western medicine, and how to avoid shooting...View Details

Nitai’s passion is supporting individuals in removing limiting beliefs and trauma so they can fully BE themselves. At the age of 28, she lost her fath...View Details

Coincidentally my podcast goes on hiatus ending with the same guest as last time. Kenzie and I are embarking on a month-long work trip for Arcimot...View Details

Donny is a new friend and first-time guest on the show. He comes on and shares some tales from his life alongside takes on classic topics. 

Colton comes on the show for the first time and brings an interesting smokable herb that I've never heard of. He's worked a lot in the outdoors but is...View Details

Rob comes back on the show for his second appearance. We talk about all that he's been up to since we last spoke, weeks after he overcomes covid!   Th...View Details

Second podcast in a row where I split the show between two guests, this time with a dynamic duo traveling the states and visiting all National Parks i...View Details

This show was wildly unexpected, the original guest showed up with two friends and we end up having the guest switch every 20 minutes so each person g...View Details

Rick Dancer is an independent journalist that reports on businesses around the West Coast. Previously he was the news anchor for Eugene's KEZI channel...View Details

Micahel is a part of Starve Ups and John Friess' CBD company which makes the joints we smoke on most episodes. He comes on the show to talk about his ...View Details

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