Andrés Gómez Emilsson is a consciousness researcher at the Qualia Research Institute. Previously, he worked at AI companies such as Kanjoya and Klout,...View Details

Joe Maruschak is an entrepreneur and investor with a background in games, software development, and product design. - He comes on the show for a secon...View Details

Katie Brown is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Katie Brown LA. An ethical clothing brand based out of LA. She comes on the show to share her perspe...View Details

Alison Mattek is a postdoc student at the University of Oregon. She specialized is the psychology of how music effects out emotions. - She comes on th...View Details

Rick Dancer is an independent journalist. He got his start as a longtime news anchor, later transitioning toward politics to run as a Republican for O...View Details

Hector is a designer and actor. He comes on the show to give an intimate look into his experience leaving a religion while coming out.   This one was ...View Details

Dr. Nick Allen is a professor and researcher at the University of Oregon. He has been studying mood disorders, sleep, and digital mental health for ov...View Details

Joey is one of the kindest, best, and most genuine people in the world. He comes on the show to give an intimate look into his life! We go into detail...View Details

Albert Lee is running for Congress OR-03 on a progressive platform of bold action, not just incremental steps to combat the crises we face. He comes o...View Details

Malik Canales is an entrepreneur working toward financial freedom, previously he was a Radio Operator and Maintainer at US Army, and he comes on the s...View Details

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