Hector comes on the show for a second appearance! We start by talking about skincare and his facial routine, along with how he has more hair now than when he first came on the show! 


Then we switch topics to things more personal to Hector. It was an absolute blast of a show & I look forward to having him on for a third time, along with possibly having him sing on a song I'm making. After we recorded, I mentioned I'm making music and he shared his voice, and damn that guy can sing!


Follow and reach out to Hector: https://www.instagram.com/theeseahorse/


(Due to Corona restrictions in Oregon on mandatory facemasks in buildings, I won't be able to record in my studio anymore. so this & episode 112 will be the last couple episodes for a while until things calm down. No zoom shows for me, Hoping to return in 2-3 months, sooner if possible, but who knows at this point. Lots of love people, and I hope you enjoy the last two shows!)


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