(This episode has nothing to do with dalmatians, but it's my one opportunity I've got to have this title. I've never even seen the movie, but I just thought of it and it's almost 2am so I'm goin for it anyways, I guess we talk about movies in general a little so it's a little related. Not that my titles are ever accurate to the episode though)
Rob Weaver is a filmmaker, about to release his first feature-length film.
He comes on the show and we have an absolute blast of a conversation, only a small portion of it relating to film. He speaks about his time in the military, living through a potentially life-ending back surgery, and the gas canister he was holding that blew up right before he went in, which left him with some scars I asked about. This dude knows how to have a fun conversation and has some insight to share along the way.
If you enjoy goofy, fun, friendly conversations, and the past couple episodes (and the world at large) have got ya down, this is a great one to lighten your mood & brighten your day.
Check out the trailer to his film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuSYavPSrb0 
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