Shane Johnson is the managing director of the Coast to Crest Fund where he is responsible for mentoring the Portfolio Companies and for deal flow deve...View Details

Kenzie Wong is the partner in crime I've been referring to! When we met she was a professional horse trainer, and she's currently in school to become ...View Details

Avery Temple is a community organizer and political advocate. She is currently involved in the sunrise movement, and working for the Bernie campaign t...View Details

Mike Morris is a producer, singer, and songwriter that recently gained unexpected notoriety and released his debut EP. He comes on the show to talk ab...View Details

Carlos Kareem Windham is a wordsmith, musician, activist, playwright, and comedian. Carlos has spent the better part of the last two decades performin...View Details

Alan Strickland is a lifelong friend that studies biology and chemistry. He comes on the show to throw around the idea of if it's possible for men and...View Details

The members of Broken Radio 541 come on the podcast to talk about their show and hip hop as a whole. This is my first show having 3 guests share a mic...View Details

Mike Schwab is one of the founders of the Eugene filmmakers community. He comes on the show to talk shop.  If anyone wants to connect into the Eugene ...View Details

Stewart Alsop is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and consultant that does work with companies and individuals to remove blockages from stress and u...View Details

Tim Morris is a motivated individual who has started up multiple nonprofits, works in the substance rehabilitation field, and is running for local pol...View Details

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