Treylon Day is an entrepreneur and the owner of Dayinthelife Entertainment where he works as an event planner, promoter, talent scout, and entertainment coordinator.


Early in this episode, I mention he was a recommendation of Deontay from Positive Energy Only. This is because I had planned to release this episode mid-June after Deontay's, but in a turn of events, the world changed in a way that made what we talked about too relevant to not post sooner. 


We had this conversation a week ago before any of the riots and 24/7 news about race occurred. We had no clue what was about to happen, and I come off like an idiot (more than normal) in part of this show, even saying the loaded term "All lives matter". I did not say it to roll over the "Black Lives Matter" statement, but rather to imply that I also fear for my life in the presence of police. I dive into this more in the previous episode with Jeremy Dirtball, and the upcoming episode with M5 vibe, the guest Treylon connected me with. 


We start the episode speaking about Trey's work, and around about 15 minutes in we dive into a conversation about race, police, and pretty much everything going on today. (The episode title is a reference to the Marvin Gaye song)


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