Guido Van Ryssegem helped me find the answer to back & leg pain that had me for years. He comes on the show and goes in-depth with everything he's learned through his years.


He's been in clinical practice for 29 years and has been working in the strength and conditioning arena for 34 years.

He is co-owner and co-founder of Safe Recovery, LLC. Guido is a practitioner and faculty at Oregon State University and has published in the Asian Journal of Martial Arts.

Guido developed the Kinetic Integrations Exercise certification program that includes a corrective exercise approach to resolving movement dysfunctions after injury, a sedentary lifestyle, repetitive movements, and incorrect movement. He presents nationally and internationally on this methodology. Guido has also published in the International Journal Of Sports Rehabilitation.


Guido comes on the show to share his recent works and perspective on physical rehabilitation and health.


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