[Update: Episodes will be coming out every 4 days. Due to coronavirus, it's difficult to record shows and I'm doing my best to not record remote episodes with exceptions like this one where the guest is spectacular. As soon as the quarantine is over, episodes will be back to every other day!]


Andrés Gómez Emilsson is a consciousness researcher at the Qualia Research Institute. Previously, he worked at AI companies such as Kanjoya and Klout, with research topics of emotional classification with computational techniques and pragmatics. He founded the Stanford Transhumanist Association while working on his undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, and later a Masters in Computational Psychology at Stanford.


He comes on the show to speak about pleasure, pain, consciousness., and all of my favorite things! This show actually changed my mind on a lot of things, and he talked me into ordering a SubPac which should arrive next week. Overall an absolute blast of a show and I look forward to recording a show with Andrés in person once the Corona quarantine is over.


Reach out to Andrés on Twitter: https://twitter.com/algekalipso

and for more info about his work, check out Qualia Research: https://www.qualiaresearchinstitute.org

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