The members of Broken Radio 541 come on the podcast to talk about their show and hip hop as a whole. This is my first show having 3 guests share a mic! I'm on the fence about getting a second/third mic. Reach out and let me know if you'd prefer having multiple guests at a time, or prefer the one on one shows more.

Check out their show at: 

or by looking up Broken Radio 541 on any podcast platform


(Ignore this: I've started to wonder if people searching for this show end up googling Talks with Tiger or Tiger Talks, so I'm throwing this sentence in the description to catch anyone who spells my name Tiger instead of tiger with a y. So if you tell anyone about Talks with tiger, make sure they know it's spelled tiger not tyger. tiger talks. talks with tiger. "Talks with Tiger" or "Talks with Tyger" no matter how you spell it I love that you are listening. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the content!)

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