Stewart Alsop is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and consultant that does work with companies and individuals to remove blockages from stress and uncover the natural creativity that guides us to our purpose here in life. He has developed programs for companies like Meow Wolf to help executives and managers find the Goldilocks zone between too much and too little stress. In that zone, lies the most creative force imaginable which is sustainable and evergreen For the last two years, he has interviewed high performers like Olympic Gold Medal Winner Julia Dujomvits and successful entrepreneurs like Keith Rabois, Bill Tai. The interviews were about the relationship between stress and creativity. After over 70 interviews like this, Stewart has chiseled out the most practical steps forward and organized them into a playbook for enhanced creativity with just the right amount of stress. He also draws from the latest research in neuroscience as well as a 15-year practice of Yoga to solidify these learnings.

[Remote Podcast] This is a dual interview where we recorded one episode together to release on both of our podcasts. 

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