Tyler C. Dones is a fellow podcaster and host of Being This Person. We spoke about all the things that make people similar and different from each other. The focus of his show is finding the similarity that unites us all, and I did not expect it, and still on the fence if I agree!

After our conversation, I recorded an episode for his show which you can listen to on his website and all podcast apps by searching Being This Person: https://www.beingthisperson.com/


Surveymonkey if you've got 2-3 minutes for feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PVM9D6D 


(Ignore this: I've started to wonder if people searching for this show end up googling Talks with Tiger or Tiger Talks, so I'm throwing this sentence in the description to catch anyone who spells my name Tiger instead of tiger with a y. So if you tell anyone about Talks with tiger, make sure they know it's spelled tiger not tyger. tiger talks. talks with tiger. "Talks with Tiger" or "Talks with Tyger" no matter how you spell it I love that you are listening. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the content!)

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