Just a quick casual conversation with Rick. We talk a little about where everything's at, and where we're heading. 


Called it the End Of An Era podcast because college friends are starting to move away, a friend and the person who got me the gear to record this show recently passed away, and I'm taking a break for a couple months to recoup. 


I put this as episode 49, but really it was recorded as the last show of the series. I just put out episode 50 with Erica Hernandez for new listeners who give it a chance in the upcoming two months, so if they listen to the most recent episode they'll get a good idea of what the show is about.


I hope to come back early February with better episodes and on a more consistent basis. I'm going to spend December & January improving the quality of the show and I look forward to putting out more episodes.


Lots of love & take care everyone. 

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