In case it's not obvious, the title's a joke. 


But you can guess from the title, this episode ends up having some combative moments, but I know some of you love that! For those of you who don't, this may not be the show for you. This is Carlos' second appearance and this time around we have a loose focus on gender, but race comes up throughout. This is actually a throwback episode (recorded on January 30th 2020) from when Carlos drove down from Portland. We recorded two shows while he was down here, so here is the second one being released. I preface this because my speaking style has changed dramatically since the recording of this episode!


I'm releasing it because it's the last episode of my stockpile, and the probably second to last political show I will be doing. Starting from here, episodes will typically come out within a week of them being recorded! This is going to start with episode 105 with Cedric Galloway in a two-hour special. In that episode, I get out all of my political leanings in one rant, so that I can leave them behind and start fresh. No need to rehash my opinion and add my voice to the cacophony dividing the country. My show will be more just two people hanging out, sharing laughs, and some cool ideas/knowledge we've picked up along the way. 


Without further ado, here is my second to last political episode:


Carlos Kareem Windham is a wordsmith, musician, activist, playwright, comedian, Carlos Kareem Windham has spent the better part of the last two decades performing for audiences and speaking with students, teachers, and organizers on stages and in classrooms across the globe.  Carlos’ works are defiant, explosive explorations of the relationships between race, class and gender in the U.S. and abroad. Whether through the medium of storytelling, lyrics, workshop, or stand-up Carlos takes every opportunity to speak truth to power.

Currently, Carlos serves as emcee and lyricist with Wallace, freestylist and frontman for Lo Speed Chase, is a regular open-mic er and up and coming feature in the Portland stand-up scene, is a regular guest on Mylin & Melanin Podcast, and serves Principal and Founder of El Porvenir Services, LLC. El Porvenir Services, LLC is on a mission to bring communities into the future, and to center the voices of the most impacted in the reclamation of their power in the intersection of race, class, and gender. Through El Porvenir, Carlos works for the creation of just ecosystems where people maintain long-term relationships across difference, in the creation of outcomes that provide equitable opportunities for the most excluded.


Carlos has his own show now, Smoke & Mirrors, where he speaks with some incredible guests about similar topics as we did today! If you like this episode, I'm sure you'll love his show-

Find it on youtube:

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